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Search and find out more about our degrees and the options available to you. Prospective Course Search Widget Placeholder ug-degrees-currentheight22800. If this page isn't' displaying a search and a list of degrees please try reloading the page or using the Subject areas, we are sorry for any inconvenience.
Postgraduate - Study at Bradford - University of Bradford.
Why study a postgraduate degree? Improve your earning potential. Graduate labour market statistics show that the average salary for a postgraduate degree holder was £42,000, in 2020 - £7,000, higher than an undergraduate degree holder. Further or change your career.
Degree attainment gaps Advance HE.
However, outcomes vary considerably by ethnic group, with particularly wide gaps observed between white and black students in relation to degree attainment. In 2015/16, data shows that.: 72.2 of Chinese students were awarded a top degree a degree attainment gap of 6.6 percentage points.
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Many top UK universities use Hedd, including.: Degree fraud advice for employers and higher education providers. We offer advice and guidance on degree fraud in the form of downloadable toolkits. Hedd has produced these in collaboration with Department for Education.
Joining as a new PC College of Policing.
Universities who want to offer this degree. If you are a university or higher education provider that wants to become licensed to offer the degree in professional policing you can find out more from our guidance for universities that want to offer a degree in professional policing.
Degree apprenticeships - Learn more here.
A degree apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain a paid-for degree while getting industry experience and earning a salary. What are degree apprenticeships? A degree apprenticeship enables you to gain a full undergraduate or masters degree while you work.
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An undergraduate degree is your first degree. Can't' find what you're' looking for below? Make sure you have a look at our full list of undergraduate degrees. A postgraduate program is a pathway to further the knowledge gained in an undergraduate degree.
Master's' degrees Postgraduate study Loughborough University.
Many students decide to take on the challenge of a masters degree to get a step ahead in their careers, but its about so much more than that. Studying for a masters degree offers you the opportunity to study a subject you love to an advanced level, develop your personal and professional skills, and join an inspiring community of postgraduates building friendships, networks and memories that will last a lifetime.
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