If you have an e-commerce store and would like to give your profits a boost, apply these tips to your marketing campaign. The way you approach your marketing strategy varies based on the products you sell.

But these tips will give you an excellent starting point that lets you refine your overall campaign. Sending the right message to the right people is the foundation on which you build the success of your online shop. When you put these eCommerce marketing practices to use, it should not take long for you to see the difference in your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are not using search engine optimization to grow your e-commerce store, it’s time to start. Ranking your content on the first page of Google gives you a flood of targeted traffic for years to come. Begin by coming up with a list of keywords you would like to target.

Next, create articles that answer questions your prospects probably have when searching for those terms on Google. Once you have completed that step, continue your SEO effort by earning backlinks to your website. Each backlink you get from reputable sites improves your chance of getting on the first page of Google. Read this eCommerce SEO guide for more information on how to craft a winning SEO strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

While SEO generates organic visitors, search engine marketing uses paid traffic. You begin by coming up with the top keywords you would like to target. Competition, keyword intent, and search volume are the prime factors you must consider when choosing keywords.

Next, you will decide how much you are willing to bid on each keyword before your campaign goes live. You must be the highest bidder to get your ad on the top of the search results page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great resource when your goal is to improve your eCommerce marketing. Facebook and other social media sites empower you to target your ads to specific people. Begin by focusing on those who follow your competition. You might think people won’t buy from you if they already have a favorite e-commerce store. But consider that most people shop at more than one location, and you will see how this approach is useful.


Remarketing is a powerful tool in any marketing campaign. With remarketing, you show your ads only to those who have been to your website or viewed your content. Google and most social media sites have remarketing campaigns you can use. If you implement this tool, you place an invisible pixel on your website or in a piece of content you publish.

The computers and phones people use to view your content will save the pixel as a cookie. Websites in the ad network will see the pixel and identify the user as someone who once viewed your content, and the site then displays your ad again. This tactic works because only those who have already shown interest in your e-commerce store see the advertisement. A common strategy is to offer discounts to those who visited your website without buying anything.

Final Thoughts

If you are not happy with your current sales, the eCommerce marketing tips you have just learned will improve your results. You should have no trouble taking your business to new heights if you follow this plan. You will get your products in front of people who already want to buy them. In addition to increasing your sales and enhancing your bottom line, this process also decreases your marketing overhead.