Buy Guest Post: Get White Hat Links Without Writing or Conducting Outreach

When you buy quality guest posts from a guest post outreach service, you want the white hat links to drive potential customers to your website so you can make more money.

Pretty simple principle, really..

You’re in business to make money, not spend it. You’re about growing your business not wasting your time and money on junk links that are never going to produce for you.

Don’t expect too many of our competitors to understand that about you, though.

Google’s ranking algorithm demands you build white hat links. Inferior guest post outreach service vendors use that fact to separate you from your money.

A dehydrated person will cough up their last dollar to quench their thirst regardless of how revolting the beverage might taste.

Junk link vendors expect you to do the same with their guest posts.

You know all this already.

Right now, you’re deciding whether you can trust our link building service team to deliver you white hat links that will help you grow your business.

Jackals flood the guest post service industry.

Many peddle articles on private blog networks they own themselves because it’s all they know how to deliver.

Junk links, on junk sites, won’t move the needle on your Google rankings though. That would be a problem for you if you were hoping otherwise.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that it takes placements on premium websites in your industry to win with guest posts today. It’s these types of white hat links that will drive potential customers to your business.

The good news is that there are ample opportunities in your industry to score guest post placements from high traffic websites.

Are you interested in learning how to capitalize on that fact?

Keep reading. It gets better.

All people are born equal; the same is not valid for guest posts.

Our writers and outreach team have run thousands upon thousands of SEO campaigns in the last decade, and have we learned a thing or two about maximizing the results our team generates with Guest Posts for our customers.

  • We only conduct outreach to real websites in your industry. That means every guest post has the potential to drive new customers to your business.
  • We place articles on real websites that receive organic traffic from Google as verified by and SEM Rush.
  • The articles we write for you will always be researched well and written by superb writers who understand your subject matter and are native English speakers.
  • Every article we write and place for you will be white hat and will never harm your SEO Rankings.
  • We never write ugly SEO type articles that exist only to improve your search engine rankings.
  • We offer a money back guarantee on all our orders. If we do not find a premium website in your industry to place the guest post on, we will refund 100% of your money.

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Do you post to non-English sites?

Sorry. No. We only work with sites written in English.

Do you run outreach to non-US sites?

We only reach out to sites in the United States and Canada only. The GDPR killed our outreach success in Europe.

Are there any niches you don’t work with at all?

We do not mess with porn, adult-themed sites, gambling, bitcoin, baby gender calendars or schemes,  firearms, or anything pharma related.

Are your writers native to the United States?

Yes. More importantly, so are our editors.

Can I see samples of your guest posts?

No. We protect the identity of our clients’ guest posts. You can, however, check samples of our writing here, here, and here.

How do I get started?

Simple. If you have never ordered from us before you’re entitled to a 50% discount for your first guest post. You can grab this new member discount code by clicking here.

How does your money back guarantee work?

If we cannot find a home for your guest post that meets your requirements, you get 100% of your money back.

Is this white hat SEO?

Yes. We never post to PBNS and only pursue guest post placements from sites that are currently receiving traffic from Google.

What is your turn around time for orders?

All guest posts that you order from us will go live within 45 days, or you get 100% of your money back.

Do you follow Google’s best practices?

Yes, we never try to game Google. It’s why we only post articles on real sites that receive traffic relevant to your industry.

Do you ever post to private blog networks (PBNs)?

Not since 2012. We learned our lesson the hard way.

What anchor text will you use on my guest posts?

When you place an order, we will allow you to share your keywords with us. We will pick the one most relevant to the article we write for you.

Is your service safe?

Yes. We never spam or place links on fake sites or private blog networks.

When my competitors come across my guest post, will they know I bought it?

Nope. Not unless you tell them, we never will. They’ll never figure it out by examining it either. We have been at this game for far too long to make that sort of bush league mistake.

How long have you been running guest post campaigns for clients?

Since 2009. It’s crazy how fast a decade goes by.

Do I get to review the articles before they go live?

No. In the event, we have to refund your money we want to be able to reuse the post elsewhere to recoup some of the money we spend writing it.

Do you offer tier 2 links?

No. That’s a black hat strategy. Next question.

Will your guest posts improve my SEO rankings?

It depends on a myriad of factors. If you optimize your pages for your keywords; you can expect real improvements in your SEO rankings from our guest posts.

How many words are in your guest posts?

All our posts come standard with 600 words. If you would like longer posts, we’ll give you a chance to let us know as you’re placing your order.

Why do you only get placements on real websites?

Anything else is a waste of time or a black hat tactic. It takes links from real sites that receive real traffic to move the needle on Google rankings. Plus we want to be able to give you an opportunity to receive referral traffic from our guest posts. We can only deliver on that if we’re posting on real sites that have readers who care about your area of expertise.

Do you use Grammarly to edit your work?

Yes. All our editors use the paid version of Grammarly.

Where can I find more information regarding hiring your SEO Agency?

You can learn more about our SEO Agency at We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you offer any additional services?

Yes. We offer link building services as well as on page SEO services.

Do you offer any free strategy guides to helping me improve my website’s rankings on Google?

Yes. Check out our link building strategy guide, understanding SEO guide, and our guest posting tips.

Has your team ever gotten a site penalized with Google?

Yes. In 2012 Google launched their Penguin algorithm, and it sank the rankings of over 5,500 of our customers’ websites. We only posted to our private blog network in those days. We have not penalized a site since that fateful day though. Your website rankings are safe in our hands.

Do you offer SEO training?

We sure do. You can check out our comprehensive free link building training videos.

How much does it cost to get started?

Our guest posts start as low as $100. As a new customer, you will receive a 50% instant discount by applying for our new member discount code.

What if a guest post I buy from you gets deleted by the site editor?

If it happens within 120 days of it going live, we will replace it free of charge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discovery, and Paypal.

Will I get a chance to communicate with your team before you begin writing my article?

You know it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you ever automate your outreach efforts?

No, and we never will either.

Will your outreach efforts ever negatively affect my business?

No. We conduct all outreach attempts on our LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts. It keeps things cleaner that way. Moreover our outreach team only pursues white hat links.

Do You Have Any Books for Sale?

Absolutely. Our link building book should be right up your alley. 🙂