Stop Tring to Attract Customers to Your Website. We'll Do It For You.

When you built your website you wanted it to attract customers. Not all business development service providers understand that about you the way we do though. Some would lead you to believe word count and domain authority is what you need to grow your business.

Silly rabbits.

Guest Post Ink exists to help you grow your business. Period.

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Business Development Services starting as low as $1000

How Our Quality Guest Posts Works

We Research. We Write. We Deliver Quality Guest Posts.

Give Us The Web Address of the Site You’re Promoting

Start off by giving us the URL of the website you want to promote.


Provide Us Your Dream List of Referral Prospects

Next, give us a list of the top thirty websites in your industry you want to drive customers to your site.


We Research What We Need to Create to Get You Referral Traffic

Earning referrals from dream prospects starts with understanding their content needs on their websites.


We Reach Out to the Editors of Your Dream Prospect Sites to Warm Them Up

This portion of your campaign is about getting the editors acquainted with the name of the team member handling your campaign.


We Present Our Article Idea to the Editors

We present our idea for a premium guest post on their site along with why we think their readers will like it.


We Write the Guest Post

The content needed to make the campaign successful needs to rock. We make sure what we deliver to he editors is best in class.


You Receive a Backlink, Referral Traffic and Your Foot in the Door with a Dream Prospect

You get new customers finding your website from the articles on your dream prospects sites.


You Do Your Vintage Happy Dance

This is the part where you strut your stuff. It will be up to you to maintain the relationship with your new dream prospect.


Who Our Business Development Services Are For

Business Owners

Business Owners love us because we make them fan favorites at home again.

Agency Owners

Agency Owners love us because we turn them into superheroes.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers love us because we turn them into real business owners.

Help More Customers Find Your Business With

Business Development Services starting as low as $1000

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