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When you buy guest post submissions you want them to grow your business. Not all guest post service providers understand that about you the way we do though. Some would lead you to believe word count and domain authority is what you’re looking for in a quality quest post.

Silly rabbits.

Guest Post Ink exists to help you grow your business. Period.

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Quality Guest Posts start as low as $80/post including outreach

How Our Quality Guest Posts Works

We Research. We Write. We Deliver Quality Guest Posts.

Give Us The Web Address of the Site You’re Promoting

Start off by buying a guest post and then letting us know the website address of the content you want your guest post to link to on your site.


Give Us a List of Your Preferred Keywords

Next, give us the keyword you would like us to use as the anchor text for the Guest Post.


Choose the Type of Website You Want the Guest Post Placed On

Select the type of website and traffic level of the website we target for your post.


We Research Your Article and Write It

We know the guest posts we write for you MUST read well, share interesting points and be something that represents you or your client’s business well.


We Reach Out to Bloggers to Find a Home for the Article

Pressing an easy button has never been easier. You’re busy enough as it is.


We Get the Article Posted on a High $$$ Website

Not all guest post services are created equal. Most only link to black hat PBN’s. The guest post placement our team delivers to you will be on real sites that are relevant to your industry.


You Receive a Backlink, Referral Traffic and Your SEO Rankings Improve

You get more people finding your website from Google Search (without paying for clicks) and buying what you or your client offers.


You Do Your Vintage Happy Dance

This is the part where you strut your stuff.


Who Our Quality Guest Posts Are For

Business Owners

Business Owners love us because we make them fan favorites at home again.

Agency Owners

Agency Owners love us because we turn them into SEO superheroes.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers love us because we turn them into real business owners.

Help More Customers Find Your Business With

Quality Guest Posts start as low as $80/post including outreach

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